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Join The Strength Coach Summit! April 8-10 
Get your biz online, support your clients and have an abundant mindset in this crucial time for the industry!
Top Industry Experts have gathered to share their practical tips, tools and strategies to help you pivot your business for success in these uncertain times.

 Our ability to be versatile and add immense value to our communities is being called upon. This is our time to shine!

If you are looking for resources to help you take your business online and be a leader for your clients when they need it most, this summit is for you!

We are excited to share with you 24 Top Industry Experts over a 3-day Virtual Event. If you are a Strength Coach wondering what you can do right now, then make sure you register and mark your calendar!
Our speakers have gathered together because they wanted to help as many people as possible with their knowledge and expertise.  Their advice is based on what works, not theory, so you can implement what you learn right away.  
It's not every day that this group of experts stops what they are doing to show you the way! From Physical practicals, to business tips to mindset mastery. These talks are not to be missed.
What You'll Learn During this 3-Day Online Event...


Gary Roberts

How to NOT lose power when you cant get to a gym

Ed Coan

Maintaining a champion's mind during uncertaIn times 

Billy Donovan & Preston Greene

nutrition to maintain musCLe mass & Body comp

Milos Sarcev

It all starts in the gut

Roland Packhewich

 the obstAcle is the way

David Lawerence

Sprinting, the forgotten tool that can boost your business

Jon McDowell

Using Live Video To Grow Your Business

Dr. Breanne Kallonen

How to use supplEments to keep your clients and business healthy

Jonathan Lizotte

scale you message and reach thousands

Mike Mutzel

Tips to Make training fun for familIes at home 

Ben Clarfield

How to get online clients in 7 days

Jason Maxwell

Creative ways to Ensure protein levels for your clients

Melissa Ieraci

USING a virtual summit to grow your Business

Brandy Kinnear

How to scale with multiple offers

Tracy L. Clark

Key Exercises During Times of Stress

Dr. Stephanie Canestraro 

reTRAIN the brain for success

Simone Fortier

 How to get deeper with your clients for sustained success 

Dr. Lise Janelle

Mixing business with pleasure how to make it thrive

Adrian & Sylvie Tetrault

 Developing A strong & cohesive Team Culture

Jonathan Wiseman

Creating an exceptional client experience

Sachin Patel

 The Science of Breathwork

Giovanni Bartolomeo

Benefits of Good Posture: Solutions for clients

Annette Verpillot

 How to train the executive

Bryce Hafso

 "Sometimes we are tested not to show our weakness but to discover our strengths"
Come join us, we've can do this together.

Your Hosts for The Summit:

Jordan Bokser- Director of Sales Sports Nutrition at Designs For Sport

Brandy Kinnear - Digital Marketing Strategist and Founder- Your Ideal Patients

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